Product movies

Large Bore Pistons Rheinmetall Automotive Kolbenschmidt

This film shows the competence of Kolbenschmidt as part of Rheinmetall Automotive in the field of Large Bore Pistons. Kolbenschmidt is one of the world's major producers and offers optimal solutions for pistons in the diameter range from 150 to 640 mm made of steel and aluminum, for all applications.

Steel Piston CV Kolbenschmidt Rheinmetall Automotive

Because of the enormous peak pressures and the tough criteria regarding durability and dependability, all-steel pistons are increasingly popular worldwide not only for commercial vehicle engines. Kolbenschmidt Pistons addresses these market trends and its all-steel pistons for heavy commercial vehicles and car engines are increasingly gaining ground.

Bearings Rheinmetall Automotive Kolbenschmidt

This film presents the competence of Rheinmetall Automotive's business unit Bearings, which is the specialist for high-precision sliding elements. The introduction of new technologies in production and surface treatment, benchmark developments as well as clear customer focus have made this unit one of the worldwide leading suppliers of engine and dry plain bearings (Permaglide).

Rheinmetall Automotive Film "Range Extender"

Hybridization - the combination of fuel powered and electric drive is one of the most important issues on the way to complete electric vehicles. Rheinmetall Automotive AG plays a part in contributing to this way with its range extender. Rheinmetall Automotive Range Extender - extends your electric mobility.