Press Releases

Grafic: E-motor housing Rheinmetall Automotive AG
HASCO KSPG Nonferrous components
Innovation Technology award for E-motor housing in China
The 11th International Automotive Congress 2018 held in Shanghai, which is focused on the industry hot topics as new energy vehicles, autonomous driving, intelligent and connected vehicles, and lightweight, supporting the development of the Chinese automotive industry.
Grafic Wear measurment on a special test bench
KS Kolbenschmidt
Plain bearings minimize drag down friction and wear
Permaglide bearing elements from KS Gleitlager, especially when used in system applications in commercial vehicles, stand for cost effectiveness, dependability, and longevity. Now, KS Kolbenschmidt is presenting the new, zero-lead and hence eco-friendly plain bearing family KS P240, KS P241, KS P242 and KS P243, which delivers clear benefits in terms of friction and wear as well as zero maintenance, especially in situations involving oscillating rotation and high static/dynamic loads.
Grafic Pierburg Exhaust flag
Systematic exhaust-gas treatment
Public debate on minimizing diesel emissions on both passenger and commercial vehicles is in full swing. As to the certification of real-drive emissions, a wide range of experience has been accumulated for some years now, especially for commercial vehicles. Pierburg GmbH ranks as a specialist in exhaust-gas related, eco-friendly components and offers key technologies whose several generations have proven themselves in car and commercial vehicle applications. A lead role is played by the back-pressure valve (BPV) and Pierburg has now systematically widened its modular system to accommodate the use of this versatile valve.
Grafic promotors explain technical details
A successful concept keeps on growing
Promotors mean greater proximity to customers
At Motorservice, Rheinmetall Automotive’s spare parts specialist, special promotors form an additional interface to customers. These technically versed employees are active in various countries, interacting directly with wholesalers and auto repair shops. They provide quick, competent advice and defined service support, acting as a direct communication link between wholesalers and their local branches as well to auto repair shop customers.
Grafic: Commercial vehicles piston
KS Kolbenschmidt
Tribological progress on today's commercial vehicle pistons
In the wake of legislation and a generally sharper environmental awareness, there is worldwide insistence on reducing fuel consumption and emissions not only for passenger cars but also especially for today's economically operating commercial vehicle engines. An important factor in lowering emissions is the reduction of friction losses.
Grafic: Motorservice building Czech Republic
Engine parts from a single source
Small production runs from a top spare parts specialist
With its flexible production lines, MS Motorservice International GmbH responds to customer requests quickly and with great expertise. Besides short delivery times, customers benefit above all from aftermarket products whose quality matches the original equipment. In cooperation with Group subsidiary KS Kolbeschmidt GmbH, Motorservice built a piston plant in the Czech Republic, and took over a Pierburg GmbH production plant in Italy. Bolstered by the know-how of its two sister companies, the spare parts specialist boasts a level of production expertise on a par with any internationally operating OEM.
Grafic Motorservice New packaging design
A new look and stronger anti-forgery protection
Motorservice’s new packaging design
At Automechaika 2018, spare parts specialist MS Motorservice International GmbH is showcasing its altered packaging design, which features a modified logo and new colors. While changing the optical appearance of its packaging, the company also adopted additional measures to combat product piracy: The latest generation includes security features on the labels that offer an even greater protection against counterfeiting.
Pierburg coolant valve
Rheinmetall Automotive: Solenoid valves successful in China
High order volumes from two OEMs
Following the successful launch on the American and Japanese markets, Rheinmetall Automotive has now been awarded its first orders from Chinese customers for the current generation of coolant valves.
Grafic: Pierburg CWA 400 Electric Coolant Pump
Demand for electric pumps surges
Rheinmetall Automotive wins major orders from international automaker
An internationally operating automobile group has awarded Düsseldorf-based Rheinmetall Group large-scale orders for its CWA 400 electrically powered pump. The orders, placed with Pierburg Pump Technology GmbH (Rheinmetall Automotive) represent a volume totalling €215 million.
Grafik: Building with Motorservice offices in Singapore
Market and customer proximity
Motorservice sets up subsidiary in Singapore
As of July 1, 2018, Rheinmetall Automotive AG’s Aftermarket division has set up MS Motorservice Trading (Asia) Pte. Ltd., and thus shoring its presence in the Southeast Asian market. Operating in over 130 countries worldwide, this parts specialist is exploiting the strategically favorable location of the megacity to expand its independent aftermarket (IAM) activities within the region. As from mid-2019, Motorservice will extend its operations to other countries besides Singapore and Malaysia.