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Angelo about his experiences abroad at Rheinmetall Automotive.

My career at Rheinmetall Automotive?

My name is Angelo and I'm the plant manager of Pierburg US. In this position I'm responsible for manufacturing processes, the workforce at the plant, and part of an international operating team. Before I took over this position, I worked for Pierburg in India and Italy, where I started my career as a Quality Manager.

What I like about working abroad?

I appreciate working with people from different origins and cultural backgrounds. You can learn so much; for example to look at tasks from different angles and to manage challenges in many different ways. It broadens your personal horizon.

How I manage living abroad?

I try to encounter people and their culture with respect for their history and openness for their lifestyles. Thanks to new technology, I can connect to family and friends worldwide at any time.

Career booster working abroad?

Yes, for me this is true. I made a big step forward in my career due to the time I was working in India and got entrusted with more responsibility based on this experience. When I heard about the new job option in the USA I was excited but it was also a big challenge. I'm glad Rheinmetall Automotive gave me the possibility to grow from a professional and a personal point of view.


Global organization but familiar atmosphere.

What Andy likes about working as an engineer at Rheinmetall Automotive.

My career at Rheinmetall Automotive?

After completing my Mechanical Engineering degree, I started as a Design Engineer at KS Kolbenschmidt. Two years later I took the role as an Application Engineer and Program Manager. In this role I manage resources and plan the project from paper to product. Starting with communication with the customer to define the project through prototyping and helping to launch the new products at the plant.

What I like about my job and how the company helps me to get the best out of me?

The experience is excellent working with the various groups and it requires many skills to analyze data, understand design concepts or report out to management and customers. The experience goes beyond the office walls and I have traveled internationally to various plants and technical centers to meet new teams and plan for global projects. To do this I have had extensive training in all aspects of my job.

Why I like working at Rheinmetall Automotive?

Even though it is a large global company you will find a familiar atmosphere. I have had so many amazing experiences and I'm excited about working together in the future whether I am a mentor to a new fellow employee or working with a veteran engineer that can show me what I can become.

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